Jessie Thavonekham | Flossie


“Well, hello there! I am Jessie Thavonekham, a pink haired, twenty-something Canadian illustrator, and designer. I’m best known for my vivacious pink hair, horrible sense of direction and as co-founder of FLOSSIE, a design inspiration blog.

After living in the beautiful city of Montreal to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design at Concordia University,  I moved to the nation’s capital to attend Carleton University for a Masters of Interdisciplinary Design. Read my food design research blog MESSIN WIT FOOD. Currently, my research investigates the role of the designer in manipulating the sensory experience of eating, and examines the role of edible vessels as affective effects for mindfulness during food consumption.

My illustration work focuses on the subtle mysteries of human emotion and the wonders of science. Encompassing blurred childhood memories, the sharp pangs of adolescence and the unshakable future, I create pieces that evoke the delicate feelings of reminiscence and secrecy.

I like long romantic walks to the fridge.”

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