Carrie Wallace | Hendrick Farm


Carrie Wallace is a lifelong entrepreneur who has focused on businesses that encourage links between the community and the enjoyment of and appreciation for the natural world.  Through numerous professional and volunteer organizations, Wallace has led the development of dozens of projects in Quebec and across Canada.  At the core of most of these projects is the recognition and celebration of nature and the preservation of the natural environment.

Wallace’s keen interest in architecture and the way in which people relate to the built form is at the core of Hendrick Farm and played a critical role in the design of the community.  Her broad understanding of how people view and interact with space has informed much of the design of the community.  Wallace’s interest in the creation of opportunities for entrepreneurs has fed the development of Hendrick Farm’s commercial district.

Carrie Wallace holds an MBA from the University of Ottawa and has called Chelsea home for more than 30 years.