Manjit Basi | Citizen’s Academy


Manjit Basi pours her passion into work that connects people, creates collaborations, and sparks innovation. She has a range of experiences in leadership, entrepreneurship, and community making. She owned 4 locations of The Body Shop from 1987 to 2008 where she honed her skills in creating a values-centric, multiple bottom line business. It’s also the place she learned that multi-sector collaboration works. Manjit loves Ottawa, strategic philanthropy, social enterprise, better cities, and great conversations. Her work focuses on stakeholder engagement, creating growth by empowering people and relationships, and creating space for change. She has always maintained an active volunteer career; currently she’s an active champion for Operation Come Home, involved with Women for Mental Health and the Ottawa Community Loan Fund, and Vice-President of the Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Health Resource Centre’s Board of Directors. She is co-founder/catalyst of Citizens Academy, an initiative to support citizens and organizations in accelerating   collaboration for civic innovation to create a resilient, vibrant city for everyone and the the longterm. Her experiences have taught her that people working together in the spirit of curiosity and generosity can create powerful and sustainable change.

Photo From: Twitter