Sean McAdam | Hendrick Farm


Sean McAdam specializes in innovative, community and nature-friendly land development projects.  McAdam believes that the best way to approach development is by “listening to the land”:  What is the history of a parcel of land?  How does it connect to its surroundings?  How do people and nature interact with the land?  How can the surrounding community be enhanced by improving how the land is used?  What does the existing community expect from the land?

McAdam knows that home is about more than a street address.  Each of his developments has focused on how community is enhanced through effective land use.  He has proven that adding value to community adds value to the business bottom line and that, he contends, is a critical measure of sustainability that is too often overlooked.

Hendrick Farm is Sean McAdam’s third development project in Chelsea since he moved here more than 15 years ago.